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A simple smile can improve a celebrity endorser's perceptions.

How Hotspex Applied Behavioural Science and Google’s Machine Learning to Create #Innovation Within #Advertising

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About Us

Do you want to have your voice heard, your ideas listened to, and your thoughts considered? Well, by joining Hotspex you are teaming up with a group of innovative minds, just like yourself! Innovators participate in fun, engaging online surveys and influence the world around them.

myHotspex Panel

myHotspex Innovators are engaged to share their thoughts and feelings about the world around them while also learning about themselves.

As a leader in measuring emotions, Hotspex listens actively. And as a result we produce insights that help the world’s leading companies invent and evolve products and services that touch millions of people in over 20 countries.

For more about Hotspex, please visit www.hotspex.biz.

Why Sign Up?

Here are just a few benefits you’ll experience as a Hotspex Innovator:

  • Speak your mind! Have your ideas contribute to the innovation of the HOTTEST brands in today’s consumer market.
  • Complete amazing, FUN surveys on different types of products and services!
  • Earn BUX and spend them on virtually anything you want!
  • Bid on SUPER COOL prizes!
  • Exchange BUX for Gift Cards and PayPal funds!
  • Win CASH in our Monthly Draws!